5 ways how digital marketing helped Australia’s MSME during COVID19

August 17, 2020 by dpadmin

On March 6, days before the Coronavirus was declared pandemic, participants were climbing Rubben Falls in the Bardu Valley in Northern Norway, part of the Arctic Ice Festival. Participants arrived in huge numbers from Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, the United States and Australia.

These participants were hosted in a communal lodge, dined in a community kitchen and dipped their feet together in the hot sauna, all 25 together.

A memory, which they forever will carry in their hearts. Something unimaginable at least in the times we live in; our lives have been forever changed by the pandemic.

The Coronavirus has rapidly spread across the world, businesses in every sector continues to be impacted by this ordeal. The pandemic has turned the spotlight on all aspects of marketing, and brands are now embracing the use of digital marketing more than ever.

Digital Marketing is the new black

With many employees asked to work from home, Digital Marketing is one area that has been forced to adopt new strategies to adapt to this crisis quickly. As customers undoubtedly continue to spend much more of their time online in the following months, it is to be expected that brands will continue to focus their budgets on digital marketing.

Halting production, altering their business model, and deferring payments are not the only ways small MSMEs can optimize costs to stay afloat and survive in the post-COVID-19 era.

Anything online right now will be consumed more than ever before. Small businesses have limited resources and bandwidth to exist everywhere, so another approach would be to go deep and go wide. Identifying social media platforms most used by their audience, creating highly valuable and engaging content to build interaction.

There has been a surge in Social Media spending as people continue to stay indoors , searching for engaging content has become a daily routine for many as this crisis continues to unfold.

Aussie small business vital to post-COVID recovery

MSMEs are the backbone of the world economy. Today, 95 %of companies across the globe are MSMEs, accounting for 60 per cent of the world’s total employment. This sector was particularly exposed to the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic impact because of limited financial resources and borrowing capacity.

Australia also has learned to evolve to the crisis and adapt in order to saves its MSMEs. Celebrating its Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Day, on 27th June is a reminder that Australia’s MSME’s are the cornerstone of economic activity – employing more than half of the workforce.

Digital Agencies in Sydney are slowly springing back into life and will now learn to embrace digital marketing strategies more than ever.  While a majority of small businesses have found difficulties to manage their team, oversee accounting and compliance, MSME’s that opted for SaaS-based compliance solutions are faring well.

By opting for cloud-based CRM software, businesses are fighting the inconvenience brought about by this crisis. Digital marketing companies in Australia are now orchestrating their entire business ecosystems, connecting and accelerating MSME’s digital life cycle.

SEO and Chill, Mate

Australians are spending more time on the websites they choose to visit. Creating SEO friendly copies, on one’s website will help generate even more traffic at this moment.

This is a perfect moment to do some “house cleaning”. It’s probably time to finally update all those plugins and themes that you’ve been postponing for some time now.  And if you are a Digital Agency in Sydney the time is right now.

SEO content will further boost Australian based MSMEs and is allowing this sector to have thriving online business and survive in this changing post –pandemic world .The trick is to create content that’s interesting, persuasive and well-optimized for search engines and to do it consistently.

That is part of the user experience, getting new fresh content on demand. Digital marketing is constantly evolving during this pandemic.

Building Brand Awareness with Social Ads

Social Ads present a great opportunity for a small business to increase brand visibility. You can build contacts, grow your reach and drive engagement with advanced targeting options and creative.

If you are working with limited budget, Social Ads are a great option for you. With even a small budget, you can create a strong Social Ad strategy which delivers a high return on investment (ROI), and measurable.

As of January 2020, 79% of Australians are active on social media, and 50% of users are following at least one brand.

Making you relevant

The fact of the matter is that MSME’s must now not only offer exceptional products or services but also become relevant enough to the changing times. If you are a business in Sydney then creating tailor made content that fits Sydney SEO guidelines are the need of the hour.

Content is king, especially now more than ever and it is clear that digital marketing can help you grow your business in the days to come.