Web Analytics Services

A more nuanced knowledge of what web analytics can do for you is what we always try to impart to our clients. We help you understand and receive information on

  • WHO your visitors are (their number repeat of visits to the website, unique visitors, ratio of new to returning customers, where they are from, what device they are accessing your website on and more)
  • WHAT your audience does online (how they enter the website – whether it is through a new landing page which is the result of a campaign or not, where they exit the website, how long they stay on, their frequently visited pages, number of pages they browse through per visit, etc.), and the chemistry of
  • WHICH (which campaigns brought more traffic, which keywords worked best, which medium of communication – email/social media works best for your client to get footfalls on your website, etc.)
Web Analytics Services Sydney Australia

Our Website Analytics gets you data and insights that help create a better user experience for your website visitors. We use Google Analytics to get you real-time analytics, enhanced e-commerce reports, intelligent monitoring, content interface experiment data, acquisition devise, data importing and more.